• Law Office Interiors, McLean, Virginia

    Law Office Interiors

  • Sterling Optical Tysons Corner

    Sterling Optical Tysons Corner

  • Peter Farrell Supercars

    Peter Farrell Supercars

  • Falls Church Office Suite

    Falls Church Office Suite

  • The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial

    The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial

  • Prosperity Avenue Residence

    Prosperity Avenue Residence

Robert E. Beach Architects, LLC, established in 1989 in Falls Church, Virginia, is a multifaceted architectural firm, committed to professional, high quality service and design.  We specialize in commercial, residential, and institutional architecture and redevelopment strategies, with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.  With years of experience working with municipalities, institutional and private clients, consultants, and construction contractors, we can help you conserve and enhance your built environment.

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On the Boards

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