Jefferson St. Residence

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  • Falls Church, VA Historic Home Preservation
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  • Falls Church, VA Historic Home Preservation

This Falls Church Arts and Crafts bungalow was built by a local high school shop teacher in in 1910. His skill and attention to detail is evident in the handcrafted elements seen throughout the home. When they saw the unique qualities and historic style, the current owners immediately decided to purchase it despite being smaller than other homes they were considering. The money they saved by buying a smaller house was used to construct an addition and bring the amenities of a more contemporary home into this historic structure.

The detailing of the addition draws inspiration from the design vocabulary of the existing house. A previous addition was completed in 1947, but did not reflect the desired style so the new addition was configured to conceal it. Finishes were selected based on those that were available when the house was originally constructed. The teacher who built the house made the stain used on the interior wood paneling and beams from a walnut tree in the back yard. A sample of the original stain was used to create an exact match for the new trim.

The addition was positioned to complement the existing landscaping and provide space for future plantings. This helped to define patio and garden spaces around the perimeter of the building. From the interior, views are directed to the wooded sections of the property which increases their sense of privacy while connecting them to the outdoors. Finishes were replaced throughout with materials appropriate to the style.

The building is classified as an historic structure and required review by the Falls Church Historic Affairs and Landmark Review Board prior to construction. The proposed design was unanimously approved.